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Hiking information and GPS data

The Official Site of the National Parks contains much information about the different possibilities for hiking in the parks.

The following website offers topographic maps of routes and trails. It provides extensive information on walks in national parks and elsewhere.

There are many GPS Resources on the Internet.

The following website offers to download all the maps of the United States, usable on a GPS type Garmin GPSmap 60CSx. These are not road maps: they give no indication of route or direction. But they will give your position in relation to roads, highways, rivers, lakes, remarkable points and contours.

Other very interesting data: This collaborative website offers  download hiking trails, biking, 4x4 tours and others. Very handy when hiking, the trail can be loaded onto a Garmin GPS, but also an Iphone ...

Another collaborative website :

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RV rental

The motorhomes rental companies located throughout the U.S. are not very numerous and all offer online booking systems: Cruise America RV Rental,  Moturis Camping World, Compass, Stardrive, El Monte, Road Bear ... The vehicles are very close to each other and the differences can be played at the options, mileage, redemptions of franchise, etc.. Not everyone has the same schedule of high and lowseason, which can also vary greatly prices over time. In short, do not hesitate tospend time to study the different offers and make quotes or estimates.
For our part, we went through an online broker that allowed us to obtain better prices:
Nothing to report but it is true that we have tried any contract amendment between the time we booked and when we took the motorhome. As for the RV fire, they were more concerned as this was going on between Camping World RV Rental and us.

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Campgrounds booking

Campsites in National Parks are often full during the summer. While many are still operating in the mode of first-come, first served, others now accept online bookings : Arches National Park, Great Sand Dunes National Park, some of the Yellowstone campgrounds...

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Other websites

If you want to set up a link exchange, please contact me:

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